Scenes from around the Susquehanna Coal Company Collieries

The morning after a fire
at the No.3 Shaft Engine House.

Inside one of the Breakers?

Looking west across the PRR Tracks - 1920.

Large blower to supply fresh air to the mine.

Chance Coal Breaker

Back Road - 1920

Day after a fire at No.7 Shop - 1918

No.7 Mine Prop Yard - 1917

No.7 Mine Prop Yard - 1917

No.8 Mine Shaft

No.8 Mine Shaft

Powerplant for the Colliery - 1921

Scapeline on No.5 Bank

No.4 Mine Sloap Head - 1915

In this photo you can see an old truck and a flat cat.

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