Susquehanna Coal Company used several small 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 switcher locomotives at its collieries to move anthracite coal from the mines to the breakers, and to move empty and loaded coal hoppers and freight cars around the yards. The coal company shipped its coal in long lines of black hoppers and gondolas. In the yards on any day it was possible to see coal hoppers and freight cars owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Central of New Jersey Railroad, the Erie Railroad, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and the Delaware and Hudson Railroad.

Locomotives of the Susquehanna Coal Company

Susquehanna Coal Company #1
0-2-0 Switcher Locomtoive.

Hooking to a mine car.

Derailment in the Yard.

Derailment in the Yard.

Derailment in the Yard.

2 Switchers moving a new boiler stack.

Coal Hoppers and other Freight Cars

ERIE #26728 Hopper loaded with coal.

PRR #160177 Hopper.

PRR #489969 class U4 air-operated side dump car.

B&O #43129 Gondola loaded with caol
and a line of PRR Hoppers.

B&O #43129 Gondola.

PRR #183477 Hopper and Locomotive.

PRR #192160 Hopper

B&O #13491 Hopper

Line of gondolas loaded with wood mine props.

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