Scenes from around Nanticoke

These photos depict life in the Nanticoke area from the mid teens to the early 1920's.

Possibly the Photographer’s Family?

Cars were not as common as they are today.

Winter sleigh ride.

Taking a ride in the car.

Installing the new sewer system?

Installing the new sewer system?

Laying the corner stone at M.E. Church in Nanticoke

Flooring the New County Bridge in Nanticoke

The roads back then were not the greatest.

Safety Training?

Laurel Bushes at Pikes Peak above Nanticoke - 1916

House in Nanticoke

Who is this man?

Mt. Road Looking South across
#1 Drift Tracks - Glen Lyon

Market Street looking across
PRR Yard tracks in Glen Lyon

Looking South across Sterns Tracks - 1920

What is this?

Watkins Christmas Tree, December 1923.
Take notice of the train set.

Could this be a photo of the company store
or a local hardware store?

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